Friday, 7 February 2014

ASX to introduce online processing for certain corporate actions

In an effort to streamline the announcement process for certain corporate actions, for listed entities, the ASX is proposing the introduction of an online straight-through processing (STP) facility, replacing the current practice of requiring corporate actions to be completed on ASX forms and uploaded as PDF documents.  The initiative will require a change in process for listed entities for the announcement of certain events such as the announcement of a dividend/distribution or a reorganisation of capital. 

Once a corporate action is submitted, the system will automatically generate a PDF and release the announcement to the market.  With more than 110,000 corporate actions announced each year, it is hoped the STP facility will improve the efficiency and timely release of the relevant company data.

The proposed implementation date for the STP is 14 April 2014 (with a six-month grace period in which ASX will encourage, but not enforce, use of the online forms).  ASX will also offer listed entities a facility to test the new system in January and February 2014.

For further details, please refer to the ASX website.

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